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Corrie Burr, Wellness Coordinator

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Corrie Burr Corrie Burr Corrie Burr Corrie Burr

Corrie Burr received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, Marketing and Economics from Norwich University in Northfield Vermont in 1995. She has lived in Colorado since 1998, first in Boulder and then in Breckenridge where she continues to reside with her husband and 2 small boys. Employed with Spin Creative Studio since 2000, she also assisted with the opening of Sacred Tree Integrated Healthcare Center in 2004 with Brigette Schabdach and Joel Proctor. In 2006 she became a certified facilitator for the Organizational and Team Culture Indicator which applies the Jungian Theory of Psychological Archetypes to individuals and organizations. This instrument provides a means to assess an organizations unconscious archetypal story and gauges the relative balance of attention to building stable systems, achieving results and fostering learning and growth. When the unconscious archetypal story is realized in an organization, the members can learn what motivates their leaders and employees and help connect more readily with customers. Corrie has been an integral participant in many corporate brand audits based on this instrument.

Corrie most recently has been trained as a CAPPA-certified Birthing Educator and Doula and hopes to serve the family community in Summit County through teaching and coaching before, during and after the birth of a child. Corrie believes all women deserve to attempt the birth they have envisioned and start the process of becoming a parent in the most naturalistic way.